Punch ↑ + Jinan Joutou

Punch ↑ + Jinan Joutou

Alternative: Aniki Joutou Extra ; Punch Up + Jinan Joutou ; Punch Up + Yaizu Brothers (German) ; Punch↑ + 次男上等 ; Yaizu Brothers Extra
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Author(s): Kano shiuko
Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Romance, Slice of life,
Status: Completed

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Collection of stories from Punch Up and Aniki Joutou: 1. Punch Up (Act 13) Kouta gets sick and Motoharu nurses him with loving care. Can it go well? 2. Punch Up (Act 14) Kouta is unhappy that Motoharu stopped taking care of his looks, but then Motoharu shows up in a butler outfit? 3-4. Jinan Joutou Focuses on the second Yaizu Brother Gou and his relationship with Gaku. 5. xx Nite Sourou Jinan Joutou special chapter.

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